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I help companies modernize their tech stacks and create performant experiences users love.


6 month rewrite of using modern web technologies and best-of-breed microservices.


Course Schedulizer

Project used internally at Calvin University by department chairs



middleware for zustand. add time travel to your apps


React Reactions

Fork of an old npm package updated to work with modern React.js and Next.js


Turtle Tracker

Mobile app used by the Calvin Ecosystem Preserve to track the health of their threatened box turtles

    React NativeExpoFirebasePostgreSQLIonic

Power-Up Pong

A hardware project that used Raspberry Pi to control a game of Pong and connect to a remote server. A web application was used to display the state of the game and could be viewed anywhere in the world.

    PreactTypeScriptMQTTRaspberry Pi

IT Inventory Tracker

Internal app used at CQL to keep track of their inventory.

    .NET CoreC#React.js


Internal app used at CQL

    .NET CoreC#React.jsSQL Server

Vacation Tracker

Restyled internal CQL HR vacation app 🌴



tools to solve constraint satisfaction problems



automatically create non-conflicting semester schedules for departments and universities


Grit Leadership

Coaching Evaluation platform


Calvin Orientation

Mobile app used by Calvin University to help students learn about the campus and complete Quest

    TypeScriptReact NativeExpo
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    The social media where I spend most of my time. Here, you will frequently see me star interesting projects and publish new releases of my packages.

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    Probably to best way to reach out to me. I don't spend too much time on this platform, but it's a great way to see what my friends are up to in their professional lives.

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    See what a post-collegiate runner is up to.

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    DMs are open! Occasionally I will tweet about web dev. Twitter is how I stay up to date on what's happening in engineering.

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    I like to answer questions when I can to give back to the community that helped me.


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