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The Charlie Social Messenger takes Engagement and Fun to the next Level with Engagicons* and Sups**

Charlie is for everyone, teenagers, professionals, even bots, always free, absolute private, guaranteed safe (4 optional security levels), always on and integrated with all major Social Networks. Chiemo provides multi-device support, register and verify your mobile phone number once, access from any device.

* Engagicons are the next level of Emoticons – share your association, what school or college you attend, where you work or simply “I am …” share what’s on your mind.


** Sups is short for opt-in subscription services provided by companies or organizations. Sups are like Apps, they are built on the Charlie Social chat user experience though. We even have a Sup Store and everyone is welcome to build and post Sups, companies, individuals, groups, associations, we call them supFriends.


SupFriends are companies, organizations, institutions, groups or events; anything but individuals. SupServices are opt-in 3rd party subscription services, like current weather information or Wikipedia snapshot, checking account balance update or confidential company data requests.

What makes Charlie Awesome?

Free and Refreshing like

Mountain Air

Safe like Fort Knox

Private like the

Queen of England

Reliable like

a Swiss Watch

Fun like a

Bachelor Party

Charlie also provides multi-device support. Register and verify

your mobile phone number once, access from any device (Android or iOS).

Charlie Dashboard
Charlie Security
Charlie sups

Everything at a Glance

Do you like simple and intuitive design? Whatever

is new get all notifications

“at a glance” on Dashboard,

or your files in the

Charlie Media Cloud.

Better Safe than Sorry

Charlie provides 4 optional security levels, from standard end-to-end encryption to graphical password and

QR code protection to time triggered melting messages.

Warrant Canary

We guarantee absolute privacy. If some government is knocking on our door we will let you know.

Just Chatting is Boring

Individual chat is great, group chat is even better, chat with a bot by supFriends (opt-in subscription services provided by supFriends) is awesome. We call them Sups.

Download Now

Installing Charlie is easy. Please be aware that you need to be connected to a mobile network at the

time of registration so we can validate your mobile phone number. Once you are registered you

can access your Charlie Social Messenger account from any Android or iOS device without

compromising safety or security.

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